[March 2020]
A bit of silly fun for practice.
Phone-camera plate with some obvious auto-exposure challenges. Motion-tracked with SynthEyes.
Car asset from cgtrader – single-sided mesh with some awkward topology and interpenetration.
Some unfortunate texture projection misalignment on the closing FLIP sim – would use a better boundary layer next time. Always learning!
[December 2019]
Motion-tracked with SynthEyes. A bit of a tracking hiccup in the initial frames.
Stock plate from pixabay: Cologne – 12575
Tree and walnut assets from cgaxis
[December 2019]
First composite with motion tracking, using SynthEyes.
Classic mesh-popping issues that still need to be worked out, but a fun bit of practice.
[September 2019]
Early compositing effort. Fixed-camera shot with a basic destruction workflow and some creative UV challenges for the interior faces.
[July 2019]
My first go at compositing, using a simple fixed-camera setup and a lot of tedious manual tracking.

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