By popular request, I’ve just put together a tutorial on dynamic fracturing in Houdini. This is a long one (about 2hrs!) and heavy on the VEX and solver logic, but I’ve tried to make sure every step is shown and explained so you can build the whole thing from scratch with enough detail to improvise.

Intermediate/Advanced level. Assumes basic familiarity with Houdini, fracturing workflows, DOPs, and VEX.

As always, I hope you find it useful, and please comment or drop me a line if you’ve got any questions, ideas for improvements, or with any tutorial requests you might have!

I’ve also uploaded an annotated hip of the workflow so you can dig in at your own speed. (Note: zipped because .hip files aren’t allowed by wordpress)


  1. thanks a lots for your tutorial , i’m stuck on a issue, the moment i add an assemble noting work , the sim just stop, no error no nothing, and even it doesn’t show in the spreadsheet that the assemble is emitting empty object .
    here some preview:

    i downloaded your scene and it’s working fine , only when i following your steps the issue show up .
    thanks again for your tutorial , and thanks for your reply in advance .


    1. Hey there – sorry you’re running into trouble. The only thing I can tell from the screenshots is that it looks like you’re not using the external SOP for the sop solver. The node address is in the field, but the box isn’t ticked…

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      1. thanks for your reply, i found the issue , for some reason (my because of my ignorance lol ) it need to be merged at the end .

        now it’s working fine.
        and also thank you for your tutorial, i really missed to fragment stuff in this way. this help a lots thank you again.

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  2. Hi,
    Thank you for this awesome tutorial but I have got trouble from basic fracturing. I follow your instruction but when the cube fall to impact frame, it stops right there, nothing happen next.


    1. Sorry to hear that! It’s hard to say what might be going wrong – there are lots of options in this setup! Maybe check out the hip linked above and see if there’s something you missed. If you can’t figure it out, drop me a line and I can see about taking a look at your setup.


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